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"Shivo Bhokta, Shiva Bhojya
Shivo Karta, Shivah Karma
Shivah Karanatmakah

Shiva is the experiencer and the highest object of experience. Shiva is the goal of Sadhana. There is nothing apart from Shiva. There is nothing other than Shiva. Whatever there is, is Shiva. There is nothing, which is not Shiva. There is no place, which is not Shiva. There is no time, which is not Shiva. To be aware of this is to be aware of Shiva.

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Maha Shivaratri

Mar 07, 2016 (Monday)

History of Shivaratri

Shivaratri celebrations

Shivaratri - The Kashmiri way! (Kashmir Saivism)

Shivaratri Wallpapers


This site is all about Lord Shiva and completely dedicated to the Lord almighty. Because of him we all are here and doing good things.

Those who adobe to Lord shiva will get everything in life and never face any obstacles. Shiva bhakti is the most wonderful thing and those who earn shiva bhakti with the kindness of Lord Shiva are luckiest people in this world.

No one can define the kindness, powers, and greatness of Lord Shiva.

Karpur gauram karunaa avataaram, Sansaar saaram bhujgendra haaram
Sadaa vasantam hridayaarvinde, Bhavam Bhavaani sahitam namaami

I bow to that camphor-hued, white complexioned (Lord Shiva), who is Incarnation of compassion, Who is the very essence of (consciousness; the Knowing principle) of life (of the embodied soul);
Who wears snakes as garlands, whose eternal abodes in the heart of the devotee, I bow to Him (Lord Shiva) and His consort Bhavaani (Uma or Parvati).

Twamev maata cha pitta twamev, Twamev bandhu cha sakha twamev
Twameva vidyya dravinam twamev, Twameva sarvam mum  dev  dev

You are my father and you are my mother, you are my friend and you are my brother. You are all my knowledge and power (wealth) and you are God of Gods and you are everything to me.

We have provided few nice wallpapers of Lord Shiva which are ready to be set as your desktop background.

Also with the Aarti videos of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva Aarti, we have provided Lord Vishnu Aarti, Durga Maa Aarti, Lord Hanuman Aarti, Lord Rama Aarti etc.. Ganesha Aarti has two versions one I have heard in a movie vaastava and one is the traditional aarti. Also with the aarti videos we have tried to provide you the text in English for you understand easily. Few aartis have meaning and translation in English as well as hindi.

Information about Shiva Appearance, Shiva Lingam and its significance, shiva parivaar, rare information about Shiva Avtars, significance of Shiva Maha Purana, significance of Shivaratri, location map and images of 12 Jyotirlingas, 108 Names of Shiva, information about Fasting for Lord Shiva in the About Shiva Section.

Shiva Stotra videos include the following:

You can download Shiva bhajans Mp3 and also read about different Mantras with meanings, for chanting.

In guestbook section you can provide us with your valuable comments and suggestions about this site and share information about Lord Almighty.

Last but not the least we have Submit your art section in which you can submit your creativity, your ideas, your art, your nicely written articles about Lord shiva, your paintings, wallpapers of Lord shiva, anything you want to dedicate to Lord shiva or anything you have created for Lord shiva. Best submission of the week/day will be marked as featured and will be visible on the home page and submit your art page.

Thanks for all of your for visiting this site.

Maa Durga

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Lord Krishna
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Amarnath Yatra

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